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      Su Jie medical equipment (Suzhou) Co, Ltd. is specialized in medical equipment and purification equipment research and development,。production, sales and service as one integrated company. Our main products are biological safety cabinet series, clean workbench series, air shower series, FFU series, clean shed series, clean closet series, air purifier series, one hundred laminar flow hood series, transfer window series, and other purification equipment And sales, at the same time to undertake one hundred to three hundred thousand purification plant, clean room, clean room, sterile room engineering and construction.

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      Specialized in medical equipment and purification equipment
      Biological safety cabinet seri…
      Clean Bench Series
      Testing equipment series
      Laboratory equipment series
      Consultation hotline:

      Sales service hotline:86-0512-65990051
      Company website:www.3333240.com
      Address: Fenghuangjing Industrial Park, Weitang Town, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou
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